Panton Wire 

Panton Wire by Verner Panton is raw yet elegant, light yet industrial in its design. The Panton Wire units can be used individually or in combination - on the floor, hanging on the wall or as room dividers. Panton Wire comes in chrome and dark chrome or lacquered in the colours Black, Snow and Moulin Rouge. 

Design: Verner Panton

Top plates – colours and materials

Montana is launching new additions to the versatile and well-known Panton Wire shelving system designes by Danish designer, Verner Panton in 1971. A new cube depth as well as top plates in two sizes – for one single shelf or two assembled shelves. Choose the top panels in 12 mm MDF in following colours: New White, Black, Moulin Rouge, Anthracite and Fjord or in smoked glass and white or black marble.

A new member of the family

We are launching Panton Wire in a new colour with more edge to it than ever before – Dark Chrome. The colour has a warm, slightly brown tinged hue, which must be experienced in real life. The colour fits beautifully with black marble, so we thought it would be a shame not to launch a new top plate in black marble as well. Available in stores from mid-April 2018.

One, two, many...

Use Panton Wire next to the bed or the sofa, as a light roomdivider – or hang the units on the wall. The modules invite an infinite number of combinations and can be used everywhere: At home, in the store, as a library, in the bathroom...

Panton Wire


Module: 5 mm chrome-plated steel.

Top plate: Singe or double in 12 mm height.

A 4 mm glass shelf can be added to the wire shelving system.



Panton Wire: Chrome, dark chrome or lacquered in Black, Snow or Moulin Rouge.

Top plates: Available in smoked glass, white marble, black marble or lacquered MDF in the colours Black, New White, Anthracite, Moulin Rouge and Fjord.

More information

Assembly: The Panton Wire includes 4 clips per module for assembly.

Maximum load: The Panton Wire units can support loads of up to 40 kg when standing on the floor and 10 kg when mounted on the wall.

Suspension: The Wire Cube is available with brackets for hanging on walls.

Panton Wire 2018
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