The Panton One series

The Panton One series consists os four chairs in four different heights; Panton One Dining, Panton Kitchen, Panton Bar og Panton Lounge.
Verner Panton designed the Panton One chair in 1955. Montana relaunched the chair in 2003. 

Design: Verner Panton

Panton One Dining

Good to sit in – at the dining table, in the restaurant, around the meeting table or in the conference hall. Comes in 6 colours from by Montana's palette.

Panton One Kitchen

The perfect chair for dining at kitchen countertop height, or around a high meeting or café table. Recommended for use with table heights of approx. 90 cm.

Panton One Bar

The view just gets better when you're sitting on a good bar stool. Recommended for use with table heights of approx. 105 cm.

Panton One Lounge

The "chill-out chair" of the Panton One family is low and lounge-like. Panton One Lounge is ideally suited to the lounge, reception area, the bar or the café – and with the frame in stainless steel it can be used outdoors.

Panton One cord colours

Panton One frame colours


Frame: Stainless steel

Seat: Hand-woven, UV-protected polyurethane strings with nylon core.



Cord: Available in 6 different colours.

Frame: Stainless steel or lacquered in Black or Snow.

More information

Stackable: Panton One Lounge can be stacked up to four chairs high. Panton One can be stacked up to 10 chairs high and easily moved in or out on a trolley.

Height: Panton One Kitchen is recommended for use at a table height of approx. 90 cm, and Panton One Bar at a table height of approx. 105 cm.

3d files Panton One chair

Find and download the Panton One chair 3d files here

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