Founder of Montana – Peter J. Lassen.
Peter J. Lassen
Managing Director and designer for Montana – Joakim Lassen.
Joakim Lassen
A Montana designer – Salto & Sigsgaard.
Salto & Sigsgaard
A Montana designer – Verner Panton.
Verner Panton
A Montana designer – Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen
A Montana designer – Henrik Leander.
Henrik Leander
A Montana designer – Stefan Wewerka.
Stefan Wewerka
A Montana designer – Shl design.
shl design
Jakob Wagner

Peter J. Lassen

"Creating good design demands honesty and respect."

Peter J. Lassen is the man behind Montana, whose simple and functional designs have become classics.

From a career as a naval officer, Peter J. Lassen switched to the furniture industry in 1954, and worked with the architects Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton for many years. His association with these architects can be seen clearly in the clean lines of his design. He founded Montana Møbler A/S in Hårby, on the Danish island of Funen in 1982.

Besides the Montana system design, the business program Montana CO16, Monterey, Skyline, Wardrobe, Bathroom and Sound Peter J. Lassen has worked with Joakim Lassen on the HiLow height-adjustable desks and the Multi Table collections, and with Andreas Hansen on the AP chair collection.

Peter J. Lassen is a member of the board for Montana Møbler A/S and, together with his son, Joakim Lassen, takes an active role in marketing and product development.

Design by Peter J. Lassen

Joakim Lassen

Joakim Lassen is the fifth generation of his family to work with furniture and the great grandson of manufacturer Fritz Hansen. Today, he is Managing Director of Montana and Director of Design & Communication, in charge of product development, communications and marketing.

Joakim Lassen has a master's degree in cultural geography and started his professional career as an environmental consultant for the Danish engineering firms Cowi and Rambøll, among others. In 1998, Joakim Lassen entered the furniture industry and took up the post of director of the DJOB company, which merged with Montana in 2009.

Together with his father Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen designed the HiLow height-adjustable desks, the Multi Table series and also worked with Henrik Leander on the design of the HiLow Speaker lectern.

Joakim Lassen is also responsible for the relaunch of Vernor Panton's two chairs, Panton One and the Panton Bachelor chair, which are now striking design icons in Montana's product range.

Design by Joakim Lassen

Verner Panton

"You sit more comfortably on colours you like"

Verner Panton is one of the most colourful designers of the 20th century and a source of inspiration for architects and designers in the fields of textiles, furniture and interior décor.

After studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, he worked at Arne Jacobsen's design studio for two years.

In 1955, Panton unveiled his first chair, called 'The Tivoli Chair', which was designed for a restaurant in Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens for use both indoors and outdoors.

In 1998, Peter J. Lassen relaunched Verner Panton's wire shelving system for Montana. In 2003, the iconic Tivoli Chair was put back into production by Joakim Lassen. The range has since been enlarged to include a bar, lounge, kids and kitchen version, based on Panton's ideas and concepts. The chair series is today called Panton One. In 2013, Verner Panton's Bachelor chair, with accompanying foot stool and coffee table, was also put back into production for Montana.

Design by Verner Panton

Salto & Sigsgaard

"Our approach to design is to search for a problem and then solve it in the best possible way."

Since 2003, Kasper Salto, designer, and Thomas Sigsgaard, architect, have been working together on design projects in their studio in Copenhagen. Kasper Salto completed his formal training as a cabinetmaker in 1988 before qualifying as a designer, graduating from the Danish Design School in 1994. Thomas Sigsgaard qualified as an architect in 1995; he has worked for Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, among other design firms. As a team they worked within lighting design before winning the competition to design new furniture for the UN headquarters in New York. Their prize-winning design comprised new tables and the "Council Chair".

In 2014, Salto & Sigsgaard have designed the Guest chair for Montana. Guest is the answer to the question: What to do with the extra chairs in the future, when urban space, both at home and in the work place, is at a premium? Stored away on the shelf on a daily basis, Guest unfolds into a comfortable guest chair in just six seconds.

Design by Salto & Sigsgaard

Arne Jacobsen

"The better a cake looks, the better it tastes."

Arne Jacobsen is one of the greatest architects and designers of our time, an internationally recognised icon of functionalism. Saint Catherine's College at Oxford University, the National Bank of Denmark, SAS Royal Hotel, Århus Town Hall, the Danish 'Bella Vista' housing estate and the nearby Bellevue Theatre are among his best-known works.

Arne Jacobsen was a functionalist, but he also stressed the aesthetic aspects of his work. His intention was that beauty should not be an experience reserved exclusively for the privileged few, but one that could benefit everyone in their daily lives - not least in the workplace. The Djob desk was created at a time when he had already attracted international attention to Danish furniture design through pieces such as The Ant, The Egg and The Swan.

The Djob desk system was designed in 1971 for the National Bank of Denmark. The system has since been refined and developed to meet the rigorous requirements of today's office spaces.

Design by Arne Jacobsen

Henrik Leander

Henrik Leander's design strongly reflects his background as an artist. He received formal training as a potter before progressing to the Danish Design School, where he graduated in 1995.

Leander's work bears resemblance to the classic forms of organic modernism, typically associated with names such as Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen and Verner Panton. Soft lines and curved shapes are united using an open and bright expressiveness. Working with pliable materials has been a key inspiration for Leander's design.

Together with Joakim Lassen, Leander designed Montana's height-adjustable lectern – the HiLow Speaker. In his work, Leander harmoniously implements the clean lines and functional style that is characteristic of Montana's design.

The HiLow Speaker lectern meets the demands of the modern company on functionality while also adapting itself harmoniously and neutrally into any conference environment.

Design by Henrik Leander

Stefan Wewerka

"Absolutely everything can happen at a desk. It is a focal point, like a fountain in a city."

The work of German artist and architect Stefan Wewerka is multi-dimensional, ranging from fashion to film, from office furnishings to buildings. After starting out as an architect, he later devoted himself to object art, where the desk and the chair have been his preferred mediums.

Central to his work, regardless of the medium used, is the wish to explore the methods that can be used to create space around people. The originality of his building design, as well as his numerous competition entries, have given rise to both debate and inspiration among his colleagues.

Stefan Wewerka has worked, for example, with untraditional approaches to desk design. The table top, which Montana manufactures for the HiLow Work Desk, looks at first glance to be out of line; but it has proven to be an optimal workspace, uniting the feeling of the meeting room, with that of the individual work place.

Design by Stefan Wewerka

shl design

schmidt/ hammer/ lassen design/ originated from schmidt hammer lassen architects and is primarily occupied with projects and consultancy in the areas of product design, interior design and exhibition design.

The SHL Work Desk was designed for DJOB/Montana in 2007. The height-adjustable desk, with its elegant gable and clean lines, is based on a manual version that the architects designed for their own office.

schmidt hammer lassen architects are best known for their prominent, prize-winning building projects in Denmark and abroad. In Scandinavia, schmidt hammer lassen architects are responsible for projects such as The Royal Library's prestigious extension "The Black Diamond" in Copenhagen, the ARoS art museum in Aarhus, Denmark, Halmstad Library (Sweden) and, in the far north, the Nuuk Cultural Centre (Greenland).

Design by shl design

Jakob Wagner

Born in Copenhagen in 1963, Jakob Wagner has a BSc. in Design Engineering and later completed his second degree in Product Design at ArtCenter College of Design, Switzerland. Jakob’s work has been exhibited internationally and has received numerous awards. 

Jakob Wagner has designed the JW Table. The idea behind the JW table was to create a design that would fit perfectly in the private dining room as well as the professional meeting room or conference room. The table has a visually light and slim expression with the frame that is pulled under the table and the sharp triangular legs that are angled slightly outwards to give legroom space. Despite the light and slim expression, the structure is solid and stable.

Design by Jakob Wagner


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