Magazine holders and storage modules for magazines, books and files

Share the internal mail with colleagues in a pigeon hole with room for all kinds of documents

Create order and a system with shelves for everything

Mailsorting and filing system

Everything can be sorted into its rightful place in the perfect filing system or pigeon hole where it is still easily accessible.  The Montana system is built up around the German DIN standards and is tailored for the most common paper formats for the most optimal and space-saving storage of files and documents.

Ordered, organised and accessible

Case: Jeudan, Copenhagen 2015
Headquarters, offices and meeting facilities.

Jeudan is Denmark's largest publicly listed real estate and service company. Jeudan invests in and runs larger office, residential and retail properties in Copenhagen, and offers a broad range of property-related consultancy, service and building services.  Montana has furnished Jeudan with filing systems and workstations consisting of HiLow 2 tables, Cargo modules and storage units.


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