Room for small treasures in a decorative shelf

Storage units in bright, cheery colours for the child's bedroom

Flexibility with bench and storage unit all in one

Bookworm or Lego collector

Flexible furniture in cheerful colours that can be adapted to suit new interests and hobbies as they arise. Montana grows with your child and comprises elements for both the child's and teenager's room.

Teenage room

Most of all, there should be room in a teenager's room for change. Hobbies and interests can change from day to day – and so can Montana. The teenage room can be equipped with TV table, shelves, bookshelves – and it can be amusing, practical and changeable all at the same time.

Children love to build

The children's room is a creative and playful backdrop for your child's development. Equip it with bookcases, storage boxes and a TV cabinet for a PlayStation or other electronic entertainment unit.

Putlock holes

All Montana's shelving systems have putlock holes that make it easy for you to change the shelves' level in your cabinet or other shelving units. Hence, it is possible to customize a Montana module for all of your things – regardless of their height.


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