Decorate your bathroom as a stress free oasis with everything you need right at hand

Medicine cabinet with room for the essentials in the guest toilet or bathroom

Play around with the colours and decorate the bathroom with a feminine touch

Good morning – of high quality

Make the bathroom a stress free oasis that's just for you. Close the door on the world and spend a few minutes just on yourself. Montana Bathroom with wash basins that are integrated into the counter top and made from the composite material Rector, which creates a minimalistic and seamless look that's easy to keep clean and style. Put together the complete bathroom with mirrors, cabinets, trays and sink modules.

Light and feminine

With Montana Bathroom, you have every opportunity to create a bathroom environment that is complete and unique and exudes a feeling of well-being by combining sink modules with cabinets, drawers, benches and mirrors in matching colours. High functionality and beautiful details transform the daily bath time routine into a gorgeous spa experience.

Create effects with mirrors

Emphasise vertical or horizontal lines with mirrors. Montana's series of mirrors encompasses many different sizes of bathroom mirrors.


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