JW Table – dining table or conference table

The JW Table comes in nine standard sizes, both round and square in shape, and is suitable for the private dining room, the office meeting or conference room.

Design: Jakob Wagner

Sharp, yet soft. Light, yet solid.

The look of the table has a light, delicate quality with the frame tucked under the tabletop and with the slim triangular legs angled slightly outwards to allow unrestricted leg space. Despite the delicate, sharp look of the frame, the structure ensures a solid stability.

"Good design is not about adding a layer of beauty – on the contrary, it is about taking away the unnecessary in order to reveal the essential quality, form and function of an object."

Jakob Wagner, Danish designer

JW Table

Colours and materials

Frames: Polished aluminium and lacquered in the colours Black and Nordic.

Tabletops: JW White silk laminate, linoleum in the colours Black and New Nordic, veneer in White Oak, Burned Oak and Black Oak as well as Massive Douglas and Massive Oak.

Regardless of material and size, the table top comes in one piece except in the case of veneer, which is divided along the middle for the two largest rectangular sizes. 

Extension plates: It is possible to buy extension plates for the JW Table, size 200x100 cm and 240x100 cm. They come as a pair and measures 100x50 cm. The extension plates for the table is available in all the above mentioned surfaces and also on white and black lacquered MDF. 

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JW Table
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