Panton Wire 

New: Montana pays tribute to the Danish world famous designer, Verner Panton, by adding yet another Panton Wire colour – the Panton Wire Limited Edition Gold. See the images below.

Panton Wire by Verner Panton is raw yet elegant, light yet industrial in its design. The Panton Wire units can be used individually or in combination - on the floor, hanging on the wall or as room dividers. Panton Wire comes in chrome-plated steel and lacquered in the colours Black, Snow and Moulin Rouge. 

Design: Verner Panton

One, two, many...

Use Panton Wire next to the bed or the sofa, as a light roomdivider – or hang the units on the wall. The modules invite an infinite number of combinations and can be used everywhere: At home, in the store, as a library, in the bathroom...

Panton Wire


Module: 5 mm chrome-plated steel.



Chrome or lacquered in Black, Snow or Moulin Rouge.

More information

Assembly: The Panton Wire includes 4 clips per module for assembly.

Maximum load: The Panton Wire units can support loads of up to 40 kg when standing on the floor and 10 kg when mounted on the wall.

Suspension: The Wire Cube is available with brackets for hanging on walls.

Glass shelves and top plates: A 4 mm glass shelf can be added to the Panton Wire cube, or the unit can function as a glass table together with a 12 mm glass top.

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