Furnish the canteen with flexible and stackable furniture

Trollstigen in Norway – café, restaurant and visitor centre furnished with Panton One chairs

Stavanger Consert Hall – storage units, Panton One chairs and serving trolleys

Are you heading to the canteen?

Montana supplies canteen tables and chairs in flexible designs, for example Djob or the Multi Single table. The Panton One chair series offers both good seating comfort and functional flexibility, in that up to 10 chairs can be stacked at one time, which can also be placed on a trolley. It's perfect for the canteen, which, in addition to providing refreshments on a daily basis, often forms the backdrop for meetings, events and presentations.

Kähler Restaurant

Case: Kähler Restaurant in Tivoli 2013

The restaurant is designed to function both as a display case of Kähler's ceramics as well as a beautiful setting for a cosy dinner. For the restaurant Montana has supplied Multi tables, Panton One chairs in different colours, which blend in beautifully with the historic gardens, as well as shelves, storage units and elegant service trolleys for serving the guests.


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